Fin with foot pockets made from thermo-rubber with two different hardnesses in order to combine the best in comfort and performance. The green parts have a stiffness of just 40  shore hardness, offering a soft and comfortable contact with the ankle and toes. The black parts have a stiffness of 90 shore hardness, able to transmit power without dispersion. The Spitfire features anti slip patterns on the heel. The detachable blade has 2 water rails to eliminate skidding and greatly improve performance.


  • Dual hardness foot pocket
  • Water rail system
  • Anti-slip pattern on heel
  • Available in 2 colors: black and mimetic camouflage.


  • Blade Material: Polypropylene
  • Blade Length: 59.5 cm 
  • Blade Angle: 22 degrees 
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This is really comfortable.

This fins are really comfortable and foot pocket is fit for me!! and fins are really flexible. I love this !!