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Omer Spearguns

Omer Spearfishing’s early partnership with Baretta Firearms provided them with invaluable guidance, leading to Omer being World Leaders in the Manufacture of Precision Spearguns.   

We have a range of Omer Spearguns for Sale in multiple sizes: 

Omer Cayman ET Speargun Features a Unique Cuttlefish Shape to Reduce Drag and an Enclosed Track Shaft Guide that keeps the Shaft Perfectly Straight During Shooting, giving you more Power, Range & Accuracy. Comes in a Black or Camouflage Scratch Resistant Finish. 

Omer Cayman HF Speargun: Features a Unique Cuttlefish Design that Reduces Drag, especially when Sweeping the Gun from Side to Side, making Aiming that much Quicker. It supports Double Bands and comes with a Scratch Resistant Camouflage Finish.

Omer Cayman GI Speargun: Our Best Speargun for Beginners, the Cayman GI offers Great Value for Money. It has an Aluminium Barrel with Integrated Shaft Guide for Smooth Accurate Shooting.

Speargun Shafts are also available in 6.75mm and 7mm.