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Omer Spearfishing & Freediving Masks

Omer Spearfishing Australia’s Spearfishing & Freediving Masks all have Low Internal Volumes and are Specifically Designed for Spear Fishing & Free Diving Activities.

The Omer Mask Range Includes:

The Omer Apnea Mask – A Single Lens “Frameless” Free Dive Mask with a Super Low Internal Volume, Amazing Field of Vision and a Thin, Highly Flexible, Textured Nose Area to make Equalization Easier.

The Omer Zero3 Mask – This Freediving Mask has our Lowest Internal Volume, measured at an Insane 95cm3. It boasts an almost Completely Unimpaired Field of Vision, which is 30% higher compared to a Classic Free Dive Mask and also has a Thin, Flexible, Textured Nose Area for Easy Equalisation.

Both the Apnea & Zero3 Spearfishing and Free Dive Masks, are designed in conjunction with renowned automotive high performance powerhouse MOMO of Italy

The Omer Alien Mirrored Mask – Our Classic Low Profile Spearfishing Mask with Mirrored Lenses to reduce Glare and Eye Strain when Diving in Bright, Sunny Conditions.

The Omer Alien Mask – Our Classic Low Profile Spearfishing Mask thats known for its Comfortable Seal and Great Vision. Available in Black or 3D Camouflage

Omer Sporasub Mystic Mask  - This Spearfishing Masks Two-Component Design holds the Lenses Closer to the Face, Reducing the Internal Volume and Increasing the Field of Vision. Available in Black or Sea Green 

Omer Australia also have a Range of Spearfishing Snorkels that include the Sporasub Breeze SnorkelOmer Zoom Snorkel and Omer Slalom Snorkel.