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Omer Spearfishing & Freediving Fins

Omer Australia’s Freediving Fins For Sale, all have Foot-Pockets made from Thermo Rubber of Two Different Stiffness Compounds, which increases Comfort over Normal Foot-Pockets. The angle between Foot-Pocket and Blade is 22-degrees (compared to traditional 15/17 degrees) which Optimizes the Power of the Push through the Water Relative to Effort.

Omer Stingray Carbon Fins: Freediving Fins with Thermo Rubber Foot-Pockets and Carbon Fibre Blades. Aside from not tiring out the diver’s legs while kicking on the surface for extended periods, the Carbon Fibre Blades push the diver the most during descents and ascents. Available in Black or Camouflage.

Omer Stingray Fins: Our most popular Free Diving Fins with Thermo Rubber Foot-Pockets and Blades produced in a Low Modular Polypropylene with a Medium Hardness. Available in Black or Camouflage

Sporasub Spitfire Fins: Freediving Fins that offer both Performance and Comfort. Sporasub Spitfire Fins feature Anti-Slip Patterns on the heel and have Detachable Blades with 2 Water Rails to Eliminate Skidding and Greatly Improve Performance. Available in Black or Camouflage

Omer Eagleray Fins: Spearfishing Fins with an excellent quality to price ratio. A Powerful Fin that’s easy to use, making them the Perfect Freediving Fins for Beginners as well as Skilled Spearfishermen.