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Cayman Kanaloa Speargun

Speargun featuring a silver anodized integrated rail Cayman aluminum barrel, joined to an open HF muzzle. It comes stock with a stainless steel America 6,5mm shark fin shaft and Power 18mm circular band. Extra right handle.


Master Sphere Float

The Omer Master Sphere Float is made of High Visibility Orange 420D-Nylon with an Inside-Air-Chamber manufactured in very rugged PVC Material. Float comes equipped with a removable Red and white "Diver-Down" Flag 6 Attached D-Rings for Clipping off Accessory Items. The float's Inflatable Design Stows Easy when not in use. The Buoy comes equipped with a Tow Line.


Omer Speargun Bag

The Omer Speargun Bag is made of rugged, 840-denier Nylon. It's a great first defense for your gun in transit and in storage. It features a "hook-and-loop" closure and an internal pocket to carry additional equipment.

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