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New cuttlefish shape speargun with considerable mass and rigidity featuring an integrated enclosed track spearshaft guide. This system keeps the shaft perfectly straight during the shooting phase even with double bands avoiding any possibility of so called “shaft whip”. The outcome is more power, accuracy and range than traditional open track guns of comparable size. The increased volume of the speargun barrel allows for an optimal balance of the gun even with 7mm shafts and double bands.

The camouflage version differs from the stock version with a three-dimensional camouflage speargun barrel using heat-transfer technology. In addition to a longer butt and a rubberized butt for chest loading also included in the stock black versions, the camouflage version includes an ergonomic handle for right handed divers. 


  • Cuttlefish profile
  • Enclosed track
  • Increased volume
  • One Dyneema wishbone
  • Weight system in muzzle
  • Longer loading butt
  • Ergonomic right hand handle
  • 6.5 mm America shaft with 3 laser welded shark tabs specifically designed for use with Dyneema wishbones 


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